Supplemental N55 xDrive Big Turbo Hardware Kit (Dinan Part No. D313-0117)


The N55 xDrive turbo hardware kit consists of the required additional components when upgrading to the Dinan big turbocharger on an xDrive vehicle. These components are replaced when installing a turbocharger per BMW recommended procedure.

On a RWD vehicle the turbo replacement process is simplified and labor time reduced by way of parts not interfering with the installation process. Coupled with an installation method that allows a new turbo “cassette” to be installed without the physical removal of the turbo manifold the process cuts the need for replacement gaskets as they are left intact. Unfortunately on an xDrive vehicle this process is not possible and the turbo manifold needs to be removed. The result is a more labor intensive installation and the need for additional replacement gaskets. This kit provides those additional gaskets and other related components needed for installation of the big turbo on an xDrive vehicle.


Additional information

Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 in
Included Notes

Exhaust manifold gaskets & nuts, turbocharger / catalyst gasket.


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2012 - 2015BMW335i xDrive (F30)3.0L L6
2014 - 2016BMW335i xDrive GT (F34)3.0L L6
2014 - 2016BMW435i xDrive (F32)3.0L L6
2014 - 2016BMW435i xDrive (F36)3.0L L6
2014 - 2016BMWM235i xDrive (F22)3.0L L6