BMW E9X M3 Power Pulley KIT (AA Part No. AAE9XPP)


This is a complete bolt on kit engineered for BMW Performance tuning. Uses aircraft grade billet 6061 Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum for the strength and durability.

The BMW S65 V8 engine as used in the BMW E9X M3 does not make available all of the horsepower that the engine actually produces. This Power Pulley KIT through a redesign of the crankshaft outer pulley, actually releases this developed and available horsepower.

This performance product is designed to not only to make available horsepower but to still retain all the inherent qualities of your BMW E9X M3 without sacrificing reliability.

Another key element in the launching of this under-drive pulley system was the task of manufacturing a DPK, a double side belt for the air conditioner. Whenever you alter the crankshaft main pulley size, it will also influence the size of the A/C belt. As of late production 2007, BMW change over the belt configuration to a double sided groove belt on the E9X M3. Active Autowerke philosophy is always to try and maintain components like a BMW fashion, as if BMW would have done. This would be a first in the BMW performance industry to have an aftermarket DPK belt produced.

To further enhance the system, Active Autowerke will provide an extra spare DPK belt with the kit. This would be for emergency circumstances if the need ever arises.

Tested and ran on the in-house Mustang dyno here at Active Autowerke quantifies a true measurable 12 + horsepower gain on a completely stock BMW M3.

Anodized in a hard finish as revealed by the almost jet black color also makes this BMW performance product seem obscure within the engine bay. This performance upgrade is easy to install and can be fully reversible if the need arises. It is packaged to be simple with a crank pulley and correct matching belts in a all inclusive KIT.
Please verify your E9X M3 on the A/C belt if single sided or double sided (DPK) when ordering.

Key Features:

  • BMW HP gains: 10 RWHP ~ 12+ HP over stock
  • Complete Bolt on System and is easily reversible
  • Aircraft Grade Billet 6061 Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Includes Replacement DRIVE and A/C Belts
  • EXTRA spare DPK belt provided where applicable
  • Designed for use on DCT and Manual models
  • Reduces Rotational Mass
  • Does not cause overheating found in smaller pulley designs
  • Pair with AA Software for Additional Gains
  • Available for all production dates ( Single sided & DPK belts )

How to tell if you have a DPK or SINGLE sided belt on your V8 powered M3:

  • Take a look at the water pump belt, you will see that the belt is smooth on one side and has multiple grooves on the flip side. This is referred to as a SINGLE side belt.
  • Take a look at the A/C belt, if the belt looks, feels similar to that of the SINGLE sided belt that drives the water pump. We designate this as a 2007 ONLY model or models produced up 05/2008 which carries a single sided PK belt.
  • Take a look at the A/C belt, if the belt has multiple grooves on either side, then you have a DPK belt. Which is a belt with double PK grooves on both sides. Production model should fall from 6/2008 and up.

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 5 in


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