BMW E46 M3 Power Pulley Kit (AA Part No. AAS54PP)


The S54 BMW engine produces horsepower, however its full potential is not attained when the engine also has to drive other convenience features like air conditioning and power steering. These ancillary components all run off of the engine crankshaft via a belt drive, and they all rob or take away additional horsepower just to drive these systems because of their inherent designs.

Active Autowerke has developed a power pulley kit that reduces the drag on specific pulleys while allowing others to remain at their same efficiency.
The end result is unleashing untapped power just by redesigning the drive ratios of the engine pulleys.

What is redesigned is the water pump, alternator and power steering pulleys to minimize the drag effects placed on the engine.

The end result is an additional 10 rear wheel horsepower gain as measured on the in house Active Autowerke Mustang dyno. What is not touched is the engine crankshaft pulley. The engineers at Active Autowerke wanted not to alter the harmonic of the engine crankshaft and only redesigned the auxiliary drives.

What’s included:

  • Alternator, Water Pump and Power Steering BMW POWER PULLEYS
  • HP gains: 10 RWHP ~ 12+ HP
  • Complete Bolt on System and is easily reversible
  • All Pulleys are T6061 machined from a solid billet
  • All pulleys are test fitted and laser aligned for a true, smooth tracking operation
  • All Pulleys are DARK, hard anodized for a durable protective surface
  • New ALT belt included with system
  • Reliability and efficient operation
  • Fitment for 6 speed and SMG models
  • Lifetime warranty on pulley’s construction and fitment (does nto include accidents or misabuse)
  • Does not cause overheating found in smaller pulley designs

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 5 in


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